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As candidates in a non-partisan election, the judges are listed on the ballot without any party affiliation. This makes sense when you consider judges are non-political and impartial.

How the Judicial Election Works

The Judges will appear on both the Democratic and the Republican primary ballots on June 2, 2020. There are currently four positions that are being voted upon. The four candidates that receive the most votes on each side will advance to the general election in November 2020.

Beware! Be Informed!

There will be no distinguishing titles or other indications to inform you which of the candidates are the incumbents (the ones who have gone through the rigorous vetting process) vs. the non-incumbents (the ones who have just paid the filing fee and met the bare requirements of the office)! So, please be sure to remember Our Judges names on June 2, 2020PAMELA ALBAN, ELIZABETH MORRIS, ROB THOMPSON and RICHARD TRUNNELL!

Help Keep Our Judges!

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judges Pamela Alban, Elizabeth Morris, Rob Thompson and Richard Trunnell have filed their campaign slate to retain their positions on the bench. The campaign name is Keep Our Judges. The four Anne Arundel County judges were appointed by Governor Larry Hogan.


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